A Christmas pudding made with love

"I have to admit my favourite time of year is the Christmas season! From Spring into Summer the lead up to Christmas is a very special time for our family. As a wedding gift in 2000 I was gifted my treasured Grandma Lila's family secret recipe of the Christmas Pudding and my husbands Nan's secret Christmas Fruit Mince Pie recipe.

"I take the task of cooking puddings and pies very seriously indeed and
with the greatest pride and care to individually make up every single pudding by my own hand with carefully preparing each batch to ensure the very best dried fruits and ingredients go into each one and they are boiled in the traditional way with calico.

"Our Fruit Mince Pies have the most delicious tasty buttery sweet biscuit base of which is all handmade and rolled in our kitchen. The fruit mince is a tasty blend of local fresh and dried fruits, our homemade jam and local juice, so once it is all blended it is let to rest in the fridge so the flavours have time to marinate ready for Christmas.

"I believe with all my heart that these are the absolute essentials to be the big finale for any festive celebration at the table with those you love the most, however I always say you never need Christmas as an excuse to enjoy a pudding or a pie!" - Kimmy from Kosie Country Made.


Kosie Country Made's Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies are available on Pure Foods Tasmania's online store during December 2020 as a limited offer

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