A native Tasmanian superfood

Diemen Pepper has its home in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel region, south of Hobart in the cool, temperate island state of Tasmania.

It is one of the diverse horticultural enterprises found on Five Bob Farm which also hosts Art Farm Birchs Bay with a sculpture walk and community art events and a large community garden, supplying vegetables to staff and volunteers throughout the year.

Diemen Pepper specialises in the production of Tasmanian native pepper and also supplies many of the dried herb and spice ingredients produced from Australia’s natural flora – wattleseed, saltbush, lemon and anise myrtle and many others.

Diemen Pepper also propagates selected clones for use in both orchard production and landscaping, and they produce many thousands of plants for local sale each year.

Since 1994, Diemen Pepper have been gathering, drying and preparing quality products from the spicy Tasmanian pepper plant. Hand harvested berries and foliage are delivered to our dedicated facility where they are dried in warm air, then cleaned in specially designed equipment, before careful inspection and packing for storage or sale.



Tasmannia lanceolata - native or mountain pepper

Tasmania's native 'pepper' is a lovely rainforest shrub growing to about 5 metres high with dark green leaves, black berries and distinctive crimson stems. Found from sea level to mountain tops in Tasmania, and the south eastern Australian mainland, it belongs to a small family of plants from the ancient Gondwanan supercontinent, now found in the countries around the South Pacific rim. 
Tasmanian pepper leaves and berries contain a hot tasting compound (polygodial) which, together with many of the aromatic compounds common in many other Australian plants, gives them an unusual fragrant, spicy taste and reminds us of the wild, west coast rainforests of Tasmania.
Leaf and berries are chosen for their spicy flavour and beneficial properties in a wide array of applications - from Australian native cuisine to gin distilleries, even the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. 

Polygodial - an unusual natural ingredient
The foliage, fruit and bark of Tasmanian native pepper have a unique natural chemistry including many interesting compounds, the most unusual and interesting of which is ‘polygodial’, only found in a handful of plant species around the world and first identified in leaf extracts in 1962.
Besides its hot peppery flavour, polygodial has lots of other biological properties including antimicrobial and antifungal activity which features in trials of shelf-life extension for fish and meat products, and application in therapeutic and nutritional products.


Diemen Pepper's Pepperberry and Lemon Myrtle are available on Pure Foods Tasmania's online store during December 2020 as a limited offer

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