A Tasmanian dukkah for every occasion

Bodhi Farm Organics' multi award winning Dukkah is handmade in Southern Tasmania and is Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Traditionally it is known to be eaten with bread and olive oil but the whole range of unique flavours can be used as a marinade or seasoning on meats and vegetables.

The Moroccan flavour is particularly good on lamb or chicken.  Lightly rub the meat with some oil and sprinkle the spice mix over the meat, let it sit and relax for around 15mins and either cook in a pan or in the oven and is perfect for BBQ's. 

Tassie Blend is a very unique and very popular flavour which pairs perfectly with a cheese platter including some bread and olive oil.  Ingredients for this flavour are grown in Tasmania and these include Hazelnuts, Wasabi, Wakame and Pepperberries.  Other dishes it is great with are roast potatoes, potato salad or salmon and more.

Bodhi Farm Organics started 9 years ago and grew out of a love for growing good food and entertaining peoples taste buds.  Currently all of the products are available online  or can be found in specialty grocery stores around Tasmania.

Bodhi Farm Organics' Moroccan and Tassie blend are available on Pure Foods Tasmania's online store during January 2021 as a limited offer.

Find out more about Bodhi Farm Organics on their website: www.bodhifarmorganics.weebly.com 

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