How to shuck a Tasmanian Pacific Oyster

Buying oysters un-shucked can help to ensure you have the freshest oysters available. Plus once you know how, shucking is a great little activity to add to the experience. 



Follow our steps here, or watch the video below!

What you need – A shucking knife and a tea towel.

1. Fold the tea towel four times to create a long thin strip, then fold it over. Place the oyster flat side facing up on the tea towel and fold the end of the tea towel over your thumb to protect it.
2. Hold firmly and insert the blade of the knife a small way into the hinge where the top and bottom shells meet.
    3. Use a rocking motion from side to side to push the knife into the hinge until you have some leverage. Twist and pry the oyster knife until the hinge gives way. Wipe the oyster knife clean of any debris.
    4. Slide the oyster knife gently along the top lid to cut through the adductor muscle and release the top shell.
    5. Use the blade of the oyster knife to cut the muscle on the bottom shell to release the oyster. Flip the oyster over to have its "belly" facing up.
    6. Flip the oyster over to have its "belly" facing up.


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