Saltwater wines, from the convict Tasman Peninsula

Saltwater River is located on the shores of Norfolk Bay on the Tasman Peninsula commanding views of picturesque landscapes, stunning seascapes, interesting built heritage, and romantic ruins. 

Owned by Ian and Anne Hoyle the family run vineyard is sited on a western slope of the farm, warmed by the long summer afternoon and evening sun. 

The climate is mild, frost free and dry.  The red basalt soils once grew cereals, vegetables, hops, and pasture for livestock when the place was settled as a convict probation station in the 1840s, feeding nearby Port Arthur.

It now produces prime lambs and exceptional cool climate wines, shaped by the place and the season.

The wines James Broinowski has made from these first vintages are very exciting, reflecting the mild summers, dry autumns, and complex soils that characterise the place.

Saltwater River's Pinot Noir 2018 is available on Pure Foods Tasmania's online store during January 2021 as a limited offer.

The Saltwater River Wines range is currently available for online purchase only.

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    Can I get this in USA, Nebraska?

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