Who is Tasmanian Pate?

Tasmanian Pate made with premium ingredients

Tasmanian Pate produces a wide range of premium pates that have been enjoyed for over 25 years by Australians.

Ranged nationally in Woolworths stores and in quality independent grocers, Tasmanian Pate is a product you can guarantee will compliment any entertaining platter.

Serve Tasmanian Pate with a selection of cheeses, fresh vegetable Crudités, or on a crusty piece of bread.


Tasmania Pate was first established in 1996 and has been a supplier of premium Tasmanian made pate products for more than 20 years. Having started with a limited range that became well established, the company’s pate range of flavours developed to meet clients and consumer’s needs.  

Today, Tasmanian Pate is a Pure Foods Tasmania brand with a focus on expansion with new product development continuously being explored, including revised favourites, seasonal offerings as well as new concepts for the marketplace. The company also has a long successful history of co-producing pate ranges for other leading brands within Australia.