New Pastures Pantry Pack

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New Pastures Pantry Pack

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It always pays to have a well stocked pantry! This plant-based pack will come in handy in so many ways- think toasted sandwiches, baked goods such as scones, and cakes, cheesy sauces, and cheese platters. All of these products are so versatile and so tasty!

Need some recipe inspiration? Check out this Cashew Wheel with Honey Toasted Walnuts and Rosemary, a great addition to a platter, and these plant-based Blueberry and Thyme Scones with Whipped Honey Butter, afternoon tea anyone?



1x New Pastures Oat & Coconut Spread

1x New Pastures Oat Milk Melt 400g

1x New Pastures Tasty Cheddar Wheel