Cold Smoked Ocean Trout 1kg Whole Side
Cold Smoked Ocean Trout 1kg Whole Side

Woodbridge Smokehouse

Cold Smoked Ocean Trout 1kg Whole Side

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Hand smoked with organic apple wood chips from the factory's orchard, Woodbridge cold smoked ocean trout provides a rustic premium product above the rest - perfect for your next canape or grazing platter. 

Using Tasmanian ocean trout, this cold smoked product has a strong colour and aroma - a great alternative to the classic cold smoked salmon. 

After being dry cured for 24 hours in a hand mixed salt and sugar mix, the ocean trout is smoked at maximum temperature of 30 degrees celsius for a further 24 hours.

This slow process produces the smoke flavour which is particularly mild with the hard woods and apple wood chips used. 

Ensuring a minimum of 1kg, our sides are random weight and may differ in size - still with one price!