Diemen Pepper Pepperberry - December Limited Offer

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Diemen Pepper Pepperberry - December Limited Offer

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A native bush to Tasmania, mountain pepper or Tasmanian native pepper (Tasmannia Lanceolata) is a super rich source of antioxidants. 

With a stronger hit than your typical kitchen pepper, pepperberry is a great alternative to a marinade, seasoning or garnish. 

Since 1994, Diemen Pepper have been gathering, drying and preparing quality products from the spicy Tasmanian pepper plant. Hand harvested berries and foliage are delivered to the dedicated facility where they are dried in warm air, then cleaned in specially designed equipment, before careful inspection and packing for storage or sale.

Sustainably harvested, from March until late May. 
Berries are cleaned and dried either using warm air or by freeze-drying. Airdried berries can be used just like a traditional pepper - in a grinder or crushed in a mortar. Freezedried berries are crumbly and give a beautiful purple colour. 
Flavour profile: Sweet fruity-spicy-lolly, sharp heat lingers briefly on the palate. 

50g of miled pepperberry 

Available for order until 12.30pm (AEST) Friday December 11th.

NOTE: Limited offer products are only available for delivery during the month of December. If an order has a limited offer product, but a date selected outside of December, the order will automatically be sent 15th December (no exceptions).