Homestead Taster Pack

Tasmanian Pate

Homestead Taster Pack

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With rich and fertile soils, Tasmania has always been a haven for premium produce. A drive through the state’s rustic landscape you are brought back to provincial Tasmania with stretches of rolling fields and groves.

Homestead by Tasmanian Pate brings the beauty of Tasmania’s produce and meadows to you, to experience and enjoy with family and friends.

This pack includes three Homestead pates as well as a beautiful Tasmanian sassafras pate knife- an everlasting memento of Tasmania. 



1x Homestead Pate Duck Pate with Tasmanian Brandy

1x Tasmanian Salmon Pate with Lemon Pepper Jelly

1x Free Range Chicken Pate with Cracked Pepper

1x Pate Knife Sassafras