Hot Smoked Ocean Trout 500g
Hot Smoked Ocean Trout 500g
Hot Smoked Ocean Trout 500g

Woodbridge Smokehouse

Hot Smoked Ocean Trout 500g

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Hand smoked with organic apple wood chips from the factory's orchard, Woodbridge hot smoked ocean trout provides a rustic premium product above the rest - perfect for your serving on a platter or crumbled in a salad. 

Using Tasmanian ocean trout, this hot smoked product has a strong colour and aroma - a great alternative to the classic hot smoked salmon. 

After being dry cured for 24 hours in a hand mixed salt and sugar mix, the ocean trout is cold smoked for 24 hours, before being hot smoked over a naked fire for 40 minutes.

This double smoking process helps to intensify the smokey flavour of the ocean trout and is unique to Woodbridge Smokehouse.

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Ingredients: Ocean Trout (Oncorhynchus), salt, sugar, pepper, natural woodsmoke.

Made in Australia from at least 95% Australian Ingredients

Min Shelf Life from Dispatch: 14 days