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McHenry Distillery Sloe Paste

McHenry Distillery Sloe Paste

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Sloe paste is made from berries that were once used to make the McHenry Sloe Gin. Everybody has heard of Sloe gin, many of you have even tasted the fantastic flavour of it. Did you know that after the berries were soaked in the Gin for 18 months they used to be tossed in the compost? Now they are taken to Lean to Kitchen. They have a little water, sugar and vanilla added and lovingly cooked down over many hours to make this mouth-watering paste.

Sloe paste is a perfect accompaniment with cold meat and cheese platters, as a spread for your toast of a morning, to glaze a ham, you can even add it to a little hot water and make a drink from it. Perfect for a platter, just add some pateplant-based cheese and crackers! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 


Ingredients: Sugar, Sloe Berries*, Apple, Water, Vanilla, Spices (Lime, Bay, Star Anise).

*Contains pip from Sloe Berry

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