Salt 'n' Pepper Pack

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Salt 'n' Pepper Pack

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This Salt 'n' Pepper Pack may remind you of a certain song... but it celebrates delicious Tasmanian products that showcase those two ingredients. Because salt and pepper are two of the best seasonings!

Enjoy pate, hot smoked salmon, Tasman sea salt and pepperberry sea salt with this pack. And as an extra bonus, this pack includes a set of Tasmanian Blackwood salt & pepper mills.



1x Woodbridge Smokehouse Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon Cracked Pepper 150g

1x Homestead Pate Free Range Chicken Pate with Cracked Pepper

1x Tasman Sea Salt Flakes 250g

1x Tasman Sea Salt Sea Salt with Pepper Berry 80g

1x Tasmanian Blackwood Salt & Pepper Mills



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