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Pure Foods Tasmania

Tasman Sea Salt Flakes 250g

Tasman Sea Salt Flakes 250g

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Pure white sea salt flakes harvested from the crystal clear seas on the east coast of Tasmania. Trace minerals found naturally in these waters, give Tasman Sea Salt its incredible depth of flavour that will enhance the taste of any food. 

Tasman Sea Salt contains an abundance of naturally occurring trace minerals derived from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the east coast of Tasmania. Rich in potassium with lower levels of sodium than many other salts, Tasman Sea Salt contains all the goodness that nature intended.

Tasman Sea Salt is situated in one of the worlds most pristine natural environments. Preserving these beautiful surrounds is central to the ethos of Tasman Sea Salt, harnessing sustainable energies throughout the production process.

Find out more about Tasman Sea Salt and the history of salt in Tasmania here


Ingredients: 100% Natural Sea Salt Flakes.


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