Tasmanian Easter Bunny - March Limited Offer

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Tasmanian Easter Bunny - March Limited Offer

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Enjoy a Tasmanian Easter spread with this delicious selection of treats. 

Make a delectable platter with pickled muscles, cheese and quince paste. Serve up our Woodbridge Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon on Good Friday, and follow up with a smear of our Oat & Coconut Spread on a hot cross bun with a side of halva for afternoon tea. 

A wide selection of products from around Tasmania, including:

Available for order until 12.30pm (AEST) Friday March 26th. To receive for Easter, select delivery for April 1st at checkout. 

NOTE: Limited offer products are only available for delivery during the month of March. If an order has a limited offer product, but a date selected outside of March, the order will automatically be sent 1st April (no exceptions).