Tassie BBQ Pack

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Tassie BBQ Pack

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Who doesn't love a BBQ?? We have created a delicious pack with premium Tasmanian products to enjoy with your next BBQ. 

Deliciously fresh Tasmanian salmon to be cooked and seasoned your way- simply on the BBQ with Tasmanian sea salt flakes, a drizzle of lemon, marinated- the choice is yours. 

And while you wait for your salmon to cook, enjoy some Tasmanian pate and plant-based cheese.

Enjoy Tasmania in your backyard.  



4x Fresh Atlantic Salmon 200g portions

1x Tasmanian Pate Cracked Pepper and Orange Brandy Pack

1x Smoked Mature Oat Wedge 180g

1x Tasman Sea Salt Flakes 250g


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